Present + Positive

Sean Crim’s newest series, Present + Positive, is inspired by the deep emotional states of the present being. This series illustrates the strength of the present moment in a positive, vibrant state through bursts of enlightening as well as dark moments Sean has fully been immersed in and experienced. He utilizes color, contrast, lines, movement and texture creating powerful, non-objective works that focus on the present to reflect, learn and grow. This series continues to explore and strive for true happiness and self-worth through mental strength and being honest with his self to look within and always move through to move forward.

Into the Light

Sean Crim’s series, Into the Light, illustrates emotional and intuitively driven pieces through mental, physical and spiritual growth. He utilizes color, contrast and texture to create a deep sense of inner strength always striving for positive self-worth no matter how dark things can become. These works magnify the uplifting power from within to always pursue true happiness and self-growth.    

Following your Happiness

Sean Crim’s series, Following your Happiness, dives into the happiness of dessert. He opens up about his journey on what reconnected him with painting and art, dessert. These paintings exemplify the celebration, joy, loving and exuberant feelings sweets and treats bring to him and how he has always seen it be a part of peoples’ lives whether it is at a party, event, dinner, special occasion or a night in. Desserts always put a smile on his face and make him happy especially cake pops and cookies illustrated in this series. He pushed the abstract aspect leaving room for interpretation while maintaining expressionism throughout each piece through color, content, contrast, movement and texture. He wanted each painting to be bright, emotional and moving, bringing a smile to his (your) face while filling up with happiness and joy, taking him (you) to his (your) happy place.

Animals, the Spirit Within

Sean Crim’s series, Animals, The Spirit Within, dives into the conscious verse unconscious realm of animals bringing them together in unity. His series illustrates the relative representation as well as the emotion, energy and inner spirit of each animal. He uses the exaggeration of color, layering texture and contrast to convey both realistic and abstract features in his pieces. Each piece has its own self value on what underlying emotions are felt and within one’s emotional state. He embodies his own seer-intuition, inner-self and energy into each animal, and what each animal brings about in his own self. Each of these pieces explores the emotional and psychological self of what the animal brings out within one’s own inner person. This invites the opportunity to look beyond the animal itself into one’s own psyche as well as seeing the animal as it is, creating the sense of being in a multi-dimensional realm.  The viewer can view each piece in a physical, emotional, and psychological state.


Sean Crim’s series, Perseverance, illustrates abstract, expressionist bull skulls through actual representation and seer-intuition. To him, the bull skull signifies the inner strength of persevering through anything that comes in his path. It is deeper than what is just on the outside but to really look within, to find the courage, drive and tenacity to create positivity and self-power. This embodies knowing himself (mind, body and spirit) including all strengths and vulnerabilities to understand and know that he will find the strength and resilience to reach and overcome any goals or challenges no matter the size. Each painting represents an emotional, emergent, into-the-light visual.  They give him and the viewer the inner energy to strive, create and find his best self (you).  These are more than just paintings of bull skulls but the ability to persevere through anything, fight and achieve what he (you) believes in and wants in life.  


Sean Crim’s mini-series on wine, Sensation of Wine, represents the conceptualization and abstract of the sensations he visualized and experienced while enjoying wine and the rituals of wine tasting. Each painting illustrates the movement, emotions and energy of having wine delicately flow while grasping the wine glass.  


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